Monthly Safety Memos:


DATE:             February 26, 2021

SUBJECT:       Safety Memo – “Tips for Truck Drivers”


Defense!  Defense!  Commercial drivers have to be constantly vigilant to detect unexpected road conditions, distracted drivers, and motorists who don’t understand how commercial vehicles operate.  Scan ahead about 15 seconds (a quarter mile on interstates, or one to two blocks in cities) for traffic issues, work zones, and other dangers.  Check mirrors every 8-10 seconds to be aware of vehicles entering your blind spots.

Signal for Safety.  Signal and brake to give other drivers plenty of time to notice your intent.

Know when to slow.  Driving too fast for weather or road conditions or failing to slow down for curves or ramps create risks for spills and rollovers, as well as crashes.

Maintain your vehicle.  Make sure that pre-trip safety inspections are completed particularly for tires and brakes.  Your life depends on them.  Make sure your load is well balanced and secure, as a shifting load can cause a rollover or loss of control.  Loose materials create road hazards.


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